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THE LIFE of a 30-something woman in modern day San Francisco is not typically complicated, except for Jenna Woolfe’s. She has no memory of her life as a powerful witch, the high-queen of the ancient realm of Taravel. A dark and potentially more powerful wizard, Lucas, is after her. He is determined to claim her memories to aggrandize his own power and ultimately, rule the world. Another wizard, Cedric Pendragon, who is always beautifully dressed and whose ‘day job’ is as a partner in a San Francisco architecture firm, has been sent to protect Jenna and help her regain her memories without giving her away to the enemy. Their first time close encounter at a Starbucks is disastrous. Jenna believes that the latte stain on her only new suit is permanent, while Cedric, her future lover, has inadvertently destroyed any hope of Jenna trusting him for the foreseeable future.

Cedric was tasked by the Witches Council to awaken the Queen’s memory, helping her begin the quest to regain the rest of it and ultimately bring her back to their kingdom. Jenna does not know she possesses magic, or has another life and task awaiting her. She just figures that a very nicely dressed, really rude man ran into her and ruined her suit. Then he mysteriously repairs it. Who is he? How could he have done this? But while at first curious, she doesn’t stop to ponder these questions as she starts another day at the art gallery where she works for a paltry sum. Cedric needs to devise a new way to reach her. He has been in love with Jenna for nearly eight centuries. He was a high prince, and Jenna, a young queen. But because of dark spells, Jenna ultimately marries the evil wizard Lord Lucas. He wants her powers. She ends up having him killed (the hearts of immortals have to disintegrate in a wizard’s hand for them to die permanently). Jenna falls in love with another wizard, Daniel, and they have children. This is the wonderful life she had wanted. But it turns out that Lucas was not killed properly. Instead, he comes back and destroys Jenna’s family. She is left in a state of shock, despair and eventually, complete apathy.

To keep her safe, the Council splits up her memory into five pieces and puts her on earth to live as one of us. Locked away in her memory is all of her power. Lucas, believing that Jenna still has her memory intact, discovers her hiding in plain sight, and is crazed to use her memory to conquer and rule the entire world his way.

Cedric understands his task is difficult. Will he succeed? Or will it be the end of our world as we know it?